Temptation Miches Resort – a comprehensive review of this adults-only all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana

Temptation Miches Resort is the newest and most trendiest all-inclusive hotel in Punta Cana – and one which is controversial discussed. That’s mostly because people are not sure if Temptation Punta Cana is a party resort, a cheap budget hotel or a lifestyle-friendly hotel in the Dominican Republic – or maybe a bit of everything? Because of its unique concept and the extremely surprising prive-value ratio it might be the most interesting resort review here on the Punta Cana Travel Blog, which is why you definitely should check out this extensive Temptation Miches review – and you can also find out, which type of persons shouldn’t visit one of Punta Canas’ newest resorts.

This is an extensive review of Temptation Miches Resort. If you’d like to know some general information about accommodation in Punta Cana, you can continue reading all the insider tips on how to find the best all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana and my recommendation on how to save money during an all-inclusive holiday in Punta Cana.
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Last Update: March 2024

Where is Temptation Miches Resort?

Important Update 2024:  Unfortunately, Temptation’s appearance in the Dominican Republic was a short one. After Temptation Miches just opened in December 2022 (and Temptation Grand Miches got rebranded to Desire Miches in November 2023), it already closed for good in January 2024. As far as the current information is available, there won’t be any return soon of Temptation or Desire to the Dominican Republic.
The resort grounds in Miches are currently being renovated and remodeled. It might reopen as a family resort or beach resort, but so far, not a lot of information is available. Apparently, Jovero Beach Resort or Sunrise Beach Resort might be possible names, but more will be announced in the future.
If you’re looking for alternatives to Temptation Miches, Temptation Grand Miches and Desire Miches, you have different options.
As for Temptation Miches, which was an adults-only party resort in the Dominican Republic, you definitely shall check out Riu Republica, which comes as close to Temptation Miches as it can get – in terms of the price, the party vibe and the quality of the resort (basic and affordable). Further Temptation Miches alternatives are Royalton Chic Punta Cana or Temptation Cancun in Mexico.
If you’re looking for alternatives to Desire Miches/Temptation Miches Grand, it will be hard to find one in the Dominican Republic as there is no other lifestyle-friendly resort with clothing-optional areas which was the case for Desire Miches. There is currently also no other couples-only resort in the Dominican Republic. Therefore, alternatives would have to be searched for outside of the country, such as:
Temptation Cancun*
Desire Riviera Maya*
Couples Resort Negril*
Sandals Ochi*
 If you have any questions about the closure of Temptation Miches or an alternative for Desire Miches, let me know in the comments. We will leave the resort review of our Temptation Miches to stay online until further notice.

Temptation Miches Resort is unique because it is the first resort ever located in Miches, a quiet and easy-going oceanfront town in the east of the Dominican Republic, bordering the Bay of Samaná. So far Miches was mainly cut off from the all-inclusive tourism industry further south but this is about to change. By visiting Temptation Miches, you can witness this authentic sleepy village, a mile-long pristine beach and different excursions compared to the typical tours in Punta Cana.

The beach is different in Miches compared to Punta Canas’ beaches, hence it is worth reading the full Temptation Miches Resort review to learn more about the specific characteristics of this beach.

Temptation Miches Resort’s location is approx. 60 miles north of Punta Cana, making it a 1.5-hour transfer from Punta Cana International Airport to the Temptation Dominican Republic site (you can check current airport transfer prices to Miches here*), which is sometimes also referred to as Temptation Punta Cana – even though it is not located in Punta Cana anymore. Still, with more and more resorts being built around Miches and Costa Esmeralda, those two areas will grow together over the next years and decades, which is why referring to it as a Punta Cana resort at least partially makes sense.

The Temptation Miches Resort panoramic View

Furthermore, the main airport for Temptation Miches Resort and Temptation Grand Miches Resort is Punta Cana International Airport. As there aren’t that many resorts in Miches yet, there are no shared airport shuttles from Punta Cana so far. Furthermore, regular airport taxis – especially for such a long service – always involve a lot of haggling, hence it is recommended and the best option to prebook your private airport transfer – for example, this one here is a very safe and reliable option*. Driving time from Punta Cana International Airport to Temptation Miches Resort is approx. 1.5 hours. The drive is very scenic and beautiful, hence it is worth the longer journey compared to the other all-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana.

Just in case you’re arriving at Santo Domingo’s Las Americas International Airport and are looking for an airport transfer, you can check this offer here*. Be prepared for a 100-mile journey, which takes around 2.5 hours over a curvy road on the second half of the trip.

When talking about the Temptation Miches Resort location, it is also worth mentioning that it is very centric. You can walk to the center of Miches to see the local life, do some basic shopping or try Dominican specialties in just under 15 minutes. This makes Temptation Miches a great option if you want to see a bit more from the Dominican Republic than just your resort.

Definition of Temptation Miches Resort

What is Temptation Miches Resort?

One of the most interesting questions of this Temptation Punta Cana review is what to expect at this newly-built all-inclusive resort. Is it a lifestyle-friendly resort? Is it even a swinger resort? Do you have to expect nudity all around? Or is it just another party resort in Punta Cana?

You will learn all these details throughout this Temptation Miches review, but let me tell you from the beginning that it is NOT a swinger resort. One might call it lifestyle-friendly but if you love the “pineapple lifestyle”, you will enjoy the neighboring sister resort more, Temptation Grand Miches – a couples-only resort in Punta Cana.

On the other side, you shouldn’t visit Temptation in the Dominican Republic if you’re particularly conservative, can’t cope with seeing a bit more skin from other people (the pools at Temptation Miches are topless optional, but there is no full-nudity in the resort – go to Temptation Grand Miches Resort if you’re looking for this kind of stay) and, most important, don’t want to party. As you will see throughout this review of Temptation Miches Resort, it is a party resort – probably even one of the best party hotels in Punta Cana, depending on what you’re looking for.

You also shouldn’t visit Temptation Miches Resort if just want to watch people. Even though interaction in the daily activities and nightly parties is completely optional, some kind of participation is more than appreciated.

Three further super important information when considering booking at Temptation Miches in the Dominican Republic:

  • Temptation DR is not only an adults-only resort in Punta Cana, it is a 21+ hotel, meaning that only adults of 21 years or older can stay here.
  • It is not allowed under any circumstances to take photos of people at Temptation Miches Punta Cana, to protect the privacy of each visitor. This is why members of the security staff will watch pretty accurately what photos you’re taking. Only photos of the resort and selfies with no people in the background are allowed. This is also why you won’t see any crowd or party photos here in this detailed Temptation Miches resort review.
  • Temptation Miches is a completely new resort in Punta Cana, which was built from scratch. The Temptation Miches Resort opening date was in December 2022.

Different names of Temptation Miches Resort

As always with resorts in Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic, you can find them under many different names. While Temptation Miches Resort is the official name, the hotel is also often referred to as Temptation Dominican Republic or Temptation Punta Cana. Further common names include Temptation Resort Dominican Republic, Temptations Miches Resort, Temptation Hotel Punta Cana or Miches Temptation.

Weird enough, one of the official homepages of this hotel writes Miches without an “s” – Miche. This is why people think that the resort might be called Temptation Miche Resort or Temptation Miche. It seems that the trainee of Original Resorts in the Dominican Republic (Original Resort is the operational hotel chain behind Temptation) has applied for this domain because the word “Miche” definitely does not exist.

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As mentioned, Temptation Miches Resort is the official name, but it should be noted that the entire property consists of two hotels: the one this Temptation Miches Resort review is about and Temptation Grand Miches Resort, the premium and more upscale resort of Temptation in the Dominican Republic. Grand Miches Resort offers a higher quality through all areas and is more lifestyle-oriented, hence you definitely should check out this option if you’re interested in this kind of holiday. There are some full-nudity areas at Temptation Grand Miches Resort, hence its character is different from the one at Temptation Miches. Check out prices and details of Temptation Grand in the Dominican Republic here*.

Grand Temptation Miches

Overview of Temptation Miches Resort

Now you know more or less what Temptation Punta Cana is about – if you have questions about the concept or about what to expect, feel free to use the comment section below (and of course read the rest of the Temptation review).

As in other resort reviews here on Punta Cana Travel Blog, the “overview section” gives you a virtual tour of the resort – this is the best way to understand how a hotel in the Dominican Republic is set up and what to expect in terms of locations and distances.

Regarding the size, Temptation Miches Resort features a very typical size of Punta Cana’s smaller to medium-sized resorts of approx. 380 rooms and a distance from the lobby to the beach of around 1000 feet, which is usually a 4-minute walk. None of the Temptation Miches’ rooms is located further away from the beach than 800 feet.

When entering the lobby at Temptation Miches Punta Cana, you might be surprised if it is your first time in a Temptation Resort in the Dominican Republic or Mexico. The lobby is huge, but pretty barebone, with dominant pink and purple colours.

The temptation miches resort lobby elegance

In the back of the lobby, you can find the gym, the spa, the sports bar (which is pretty barebone as well), and two of the à-la-carte restaurants, while to the front of the lobby is the huge lobby bar and a coffee shop.

Lobby Bar at Temptations Miches Resort

But don’t be surprised or impacted if I say barebone because it is most likely part of the concept. The resort wants you to spend time at the pools or the “Bash” party area and not in the lobby.

Exactly this party area you can find on the second floor of the building on a huge open-air terrace: Bash! This is the stage, disco, nightly bar and show act area for the thematic shows each night. This is where the party gets going and which makes Temptation Miches a real party resort in Punta Cana.

Bash Disco Terrace at Temptation Dominican Republic

What’s a bit unique about this place is that it is open-air. Considering that the resorts’ parties start at 10.30 pm and usually last until 1 or 2am, this means most of the Temptation Miches’ rooms get their fair share of noise. Don’t come to Temptation Punta Cana Resort if you want to sleep early!

The Bash terrace also features a perfect view of the resort, which you can see at the top of this resort article.

Once you’re heading down from the Bash terrace to the ground level, you find the various buffet restaurants of Temptation – the main buffet, the extra buffet, and the snack buffet. You can find more about Temptations’ restaurants further below in this Temptation Miches review.

Adjacent to this area is the party pool, where you have a lot of activities going on, especially in the afternoon. The mornings are usually quieter. When seeing the pool for the first time you will note what is mentioned in nearly every Temptation Dominican Republic review: the pool color. Due to the weird paintings of the tiles on the floor, the pool appears dirty – but it is absolutely clean. This is such a big design flaw it is hard to believe that something like this can happen.

Tempting Pool Views at Temptation Miches

Walking from the pool towards the beach, you have the accommodation buildings to the left and the right. Before reaching the beach, you find another pool (which features beach views), again with some strange – but different – paintings.

The quiet Pool Bliss at Temptation Punta Cana

Finally, you can reach the beach by crossing a picturesque bridge.

Bridging Paradise at Temptation Miches

As you can see, Temptation Miches is not that enormously big, which makes it easy to quickly connect with like-minded travelers and party people. All the happening are usually around the party pool or at Bash at night.

The beach at Temptation Miches Resort

Usually, Punta Cana’s beaches are characterized by its white sand and turquoise water. However, they are usually not completely pristine as various resorts are lined up along the beach.

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Miches’ beach is a bit different. The beach is very flat and the ocean pretty shallow – still it is very good for swimming. The water is not as blue as at other beaches of the Dominican Republic, it is rather a bit gray.

Beach Bliss at Temptation Miches Resort"

The sand is a bit more firm than at other beaches, but still very soft. The great thing is that there are no other resorts around (except for Temptation Grand Miches Resort), hence the beach is completely virgin. You can walk to the river mouth of the Rio Jovero, which is approx. one mile away.

The Scenic Beach Views at Temptation Miches

The beach at Temptation Miches Resort is still a beautiful and particular virgin beach in the Dominican Republic and a perfect spot if you’re looking for a Caribbean getaway. Still, in our opinion, it can’t compete with some of the best beaches in Punta Cana or neighboring Playa Esmeralda, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic.

There is a fully equipped beach bar at Temptation Miches, along with lounge chairs and a volleyball court. However, it is a very quiet beach, as most people enjoy the party pool activities, hence you’ll always find a shady spot here.

Barefoot Bliss on the Beach Temptation Dominican Republic

The rooms at Temptation Miches Resort

Let’s talk about the Temptation Miches’ rooms. They are completely new, as the Temptation Miches opening date was just in December 2022. They feature a very contemporary design with a sexy look and are perfectly fitting to the resort’s theme. The bathroom is super spacious and divided into a shower, a super ample sink, and a dressing table as well as a separate toilet, which can also be closed, hence privacy is guaranteed.

The Luxurious Bathroom at Temptation Miches Resort

All the rooms feature a terrace or a balcony, free WiFi throughout the resort (which works pretty well), an illuminated wardrobe with a minibar, safe, and ironing board as well as a lounge area with a sofa.

Panoramic Beauty at Temptation Miches Resort

When planning your stay at Temptation Miches Resort in the Dominican Republic, you have the choice among the following room categories:

  • Trendy Tropical View
  • Trendy Pool-Vibe View
  • Trendy Pool-Vibe View Playful Experience
  • Lure Swim-Up Pool View Playful Experience
  • Lure Swim-Up Tropical View
  • Celebrity Swim Up Master Suites
  • Let’s Play Private Pool Master Suites
  • Signature Private Pool Suites

The amenities of Temptation Miches’ rooms vary a bit depending on the room category you choose. Contrary to other resorts the different room categories are not a simple upsell, as the “Playful Experience” rooms at Temptation Dominican Republic have other amenities included than the suites and master suites.

All room categories at Temptation Miches Resort always include a 48” LED television, free high-speed Wi-Fi, welcome drink & moist towel upon arrival, turndown service, safety deposit box with laptop capacity, hair dryer, in-room minibar, alarm clock with Bluetooth, electronic scale and coffee maker.

The Elegant Rooms at Temptation Miches

If you choose the Playful Experience rooms at Temptation, you additionally get 1 bottle of rum at Bash, VIP check-in & check-out, 1 welcome bottle of sparkling wine, Turndown service with daily petit fours, 1 hydrotherapy per person, 25-min relaxing massage per couple, 25% off at the spa and a wine pairing at “She”.

In addition, only the Lure Swim-Up Pool View Playful Experience also comes with room service, video on demand, 1 reservation for a Balinese bed, butler service and a playful romantic dinner.

If you decide on one of the suites (Celebrity Swim Up Master Suites, Let’s Play Private Pool Master Suites, Signature Private Pool Suites), you have VIP check-in & check-out, free 24-hour in-room dining, free adults TV channels, pool & Beach concierge service, gourmet coffee maker, preferential restaurant renovations, a fully stocked bar upon arrival, sound system with Bluetooth, a jacuzzi kit a variety of teas, turndown service and hair straightener included.

If you decide on the Celebrity Swim Up Master Suites or the Signature Private Pool Suites you even have VIP airport transfers from Punta Cana International Airport included in your booking – with a minimum stay of 4 nights.

Important: all of these amenities are subject to change. If in doubt, you can always check the website of Temptation Resort to verify*. Also make sure to check the current details as amenities can change over time, particularly if some of the services are particularly important to you.

Interestingly enough, in reality, we even had some additional services included compared to the official description. Even though the category of our Temptation Miches Resort room was the lowest available, we had bathrobes & slippers and free adult TV channels included even though they are usually not. This is one of the consequences that Temptation Miches Resort is a particular new resort in Punta Cana just opened at the end of 2022 – new hotels usually always have slight differences in amenities compared to the official description.


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The author Chris in the Dominican Republic

In total, we were absolutely happy with our room at Temptation, particularly as the design is a little bit different than the typical Punta Cana resort room. It was spacious (even though not as spacious as some of the large suites), pretty new and the bed and bathroom super comfortable. As mentioned further above in this Temptation Miches Resort review, you shall be prepared for some noise during the day (particularly in the afternoon) and at night (especially from 10.30 pm to 1 am) as the rooms are not soundproof and the volume of the pool entertainment and the nightly events is pretty high. However, considering we’re speaking about a party resort in Punta Cana and we didn’t come here for 24-hour relaxation, this wasn’t a big problem for us, even though our room was indeed right in front of the pool and next to Bash.

Rooms at Temptation Miches

Just in case you are considering a stay at Temptation Grand Miches, note that the rooms here are much more significant. Instead of playful and intrusive colors, Temptation Grand Miches’ rooms feature more classy colors and a rather elegant design.

If interested, you can choose among the following room categories at Temptation Grand Miches Resort:

  • Fantasy Tropical View
  • Intimacy Tropical View Jacuzzi
  • Lovescape Tropical View Jacuzzi
  • Passion Pool View Jacuzzi Suite
  • Affair Jacuzzi Grand Suites
  • Lovers Swim-Up Royal Suites
Grand Temptation room

The resort is super intimate and only has 116 suites, which is one of the reasons why it is more expensive. 

Booking and Prices at Temptation Miches Resort

Even though Temptation Miches is a new resort in Punta Cana, it is already bookable on many websites, online travel agencies and tour operators. And, most important, it is crucial to compare prices for Temptation in the Dominican Republic as they currently have a lot of different opening offers, but the details might vary depending on the booking channel you use.

Therefore, feel free to check the following pages to find the best price for Temptation Miches Resort in the Dominican Republic. Currently, it is hard to say where the best rates are typically available which is why it might save you bucks if you check a few of them with their latest offers and promotions.

WebsiteYour AdvantageTemptation Miches Resort
AgodaGreat package deals and interesting promotionsCheck resort prices at Punta Cana Travel Blog
BookingGet up to 10% Genius discount on the already discounted ratesCheck resort prices at Punta Cana Travel Blog
ExpediaOnline travel agency with great deals, personal service and good reputationCheck resort prices at Punta Cana Travel Blog
Temptation WebsiteBook directly with the hotel without 3rd party websitesCheck resort prices at Punta Cana Travel Blog
TravalaGet 2% cashback + additional (crypto) rewardsCheck resort prices at Punta Cana Travel Blog
Trip.comCollect reward points at flights and hotels with this NYSE listed online travel agencyCheck resort prices at Punta Cana Travel Blog
TripadvisorCompare prices and reviews on one siteCheck resort prices at Punta Cana Travel Blog

As mentioned, currently there are some amazing special offers available, particularly because Temptation Miches and Temptation Grand Miches Resort have just recently opened. There are rates available for as low as 80 USD per person per night, which is an incredible bargain.

Particularly if you compare those rates with the prices of some of the cheapest resorts in Punta Cana, you will see that Temptation is currently promoting their hotel very aggressively. Even during Punta Cana’s high season, from January to April (check out this article to learn more when is the best time to go to Punta Cana), rates start at a very attractive rate at 115 USD per person per night in a double room. January even has some rates available for under 100 USD per person per night. 

All those prices are subject to change and always depend on the current promotion of Temptation Miches Resort in the Dominican Republic.

Contrary, May and June, usually some of the cheapest months in Punta Cana, are currently the most expensive ones at Temptation with prices starting at 145 USD per person per night.

I find that everything up to 100-125 USD per person per night during the low season in Punta Cana and rates of up to 150 USD per person per night during the high season are very fair prices for Temptation Miches. One has to admit that the hotel – even though it is a new resort in Punta Cana – is not the most elegant or upscale one. You can see on different occasions that some of the constructions, designs and materials are simply cheap – Temptation Miches Resort was built and meant to be a budget resort in Punta Cana. Still, one has to say that the contemporary design, the food, the entertainment, and especially the extremely huge choice of premium drinks (international brand liquors – see more in the next section of this Temptation Miches Resort review) are offering much more than a typical cheap hotel in Punta Cana. Therefore, Temptation Miches Resort is one of the better affordable resorts in Punta Cana, especially when you’re looking for parties and entertainment.

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If you have not booked your flights to Punta Cana yet, make sure to check if there are package deals available. Sometimes, these packages are cheaper than booking flights, hotels and transfers separately. However, when booking a package, make sure that transfers are included, especially as transfers from Punta Cana’s airport to Temptation Miches Resort are more expensive than to other resorts in Punta Cana.

Restaurants and bars at Temptation Miches Resort

Considering the price level of Temptation Miches Punta Cana, you have a decent selection of food options and an incredible variety of liquors and spirits.

Let’s start with the restaurants and buffets here in our resort review. Temptation Miches features 6 restaurants, among them 3 buffets:

  • Rain – international buffet restaurant (for breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Romanza – international buffet restaurant (for particularly low or high occupancies; for breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Amores – poolside buffet restaurant (for lunch – with extended lunch hours)
  • Flame – à-la-carte restaurant for grill specialties (for dinner)
  • Sutra – Asian à-la-carte restaurant and Teppanyaki tables (for dinner)
  • SHE – show restaurant with dance performances and set 4-course menu (for dinner)
Exquisite Dining at Temptation Resort

As mentioned in the sections above, Temptation Miches is one of the more affordable resorts in Punta Cana and beyond. Considering this, you can have an interesting variety of options and have some unique and great highlights, while other food options are okay at maximum.

If you ask for the 3 biggest pros and cons when it comes to Temptations’ restaurants, here they are:

PRO: unique concept at SHE
We have visited dozens of all-inclusive restaurants in the meantime – probably around 30 to 40 resorts in Punta Cana in the last few years. While à-la-carte restaurants with or without reservations are common in every resort, the concept of the SHE restaurant at Temptation Miches Resort is completely new: a 4-course set menu in an elegant atmosphere, with tables located around a stage with poles. Each course is accompanied by a new (sensual and erotic) dance performance of Temptation Miches’ entertainment team. This is a completely new experience in the resorts of the Dominican Republic and is highly recommendable. You have to make reservations for SHE at 11 a.m. (subject to change) on the same day.

Sensual Dining at She Restaurant, Temptation Style

PRO: à-la-carte restaurants Sutra and Flame
Other great options to dine at Temptation Resort Dominican Republic are the à-la-carte restaurants (no reservations needed) Sutra and Flame. They have a great selection of grill specialties (Flame) and Asian dishes (Sutra). Considering we’re talking about one of the more affordable resorts in Punta Cana and beyond, the dishes are very well done and presented with attention to detail. Check out the Cons further below in this Temptation Miches review for one disadvantage of the à-la-carte restaurants.

temptation miches resort a-la-carte restaurant

PRO: breakfast buffet
The breakfast buffet is for sure nothing to write home about, there are much better options in Punta Cana’s resorts, for example at Melía Punta Cana Beach Resort or Live Aqua Punta Cana. But again, considering the price, it is impressive that you have fresh salmon, a wide selection of cheese, or fresh natural juices (without sugar – for all those who care about their alimentation), just to name a few options.

The Breakfast Buffet at temptations miches resort

CON: lunch buffet
What’s less impressive is the lunch buffet at Temptation Hotel Punta Cana. Even though it isn’t bad and you can get some great grilled vegetables as well as a to-die-for Moro (typical Dominican dish), the choices were not more than okay. Especially after eating for 3 or 4 days at the lunch buffet, the dishes were repeating too much – some more creativity and choices would be a good idea.

Lunch Buffet Pleasures at Temptation Dominican Republic

CON: noise in the restaurants
As mentioned above, there is a disadvantage of the à-la-carte restaurants at Temptation Miches: they are pretty noisy. I am not sure if it is due to the way the restaurants were built or due to the tables being too close to each other, but it gets pretty loud at Flame and Sutra.

CON: Romanza restaurant
If you have the chance, skip Romanza restaurant. It is anyway more of a kind of overflow restaurant and doesn’t have any vibe at all – it more feels like a conference room.

Restaurant at temptation miches resort

Even though there are some cons, in total we were more than happy with the food at Temptation Miches Resort. Particularly breakfast and dinner were great and the show at SHE was a highlight among our resort experiences.

In case you get hungry at any hour outside of the typical meal hours, you always can head to the coffee shop, which has snacks, sweets and pastries, as well as to the nightly snack buffet next to Bash (which shall be open until 2 a.m. I think).

But it does get even better than the restaurants – when talking about the bars at Temptation Miches Resort Punta Cana. In total, you have the choice among 6 bars (or 8 if you count the dry and wet section of the swim-up bars as 2 different bars):

A variety of drink choices at Temptation Miches
  • Level 2.0 – the lobby bar at Temptation Miches Resort
  • Bash – the main bar at night, where the shows and parties are happening
  • Boost – the main bar at the sexy pool – with a large swim-up bar and a dry area
  • Zilanzio – the bar at the quiet pool – with a large swim-up bar and a dry area
  • A&D’s – the bar at Temptation Miches’ beach
  • Score – the sports bar at Temptation Miches Resort

As Temptation Miches is a party resort in the Dominican Republic, the bar at the sexy pool and the Bash bar are the most active ones. While you always find some happenings, activities and people during the day at the Boost main pool and swim-up bar, the Zilanzio bar at the quiet pool is indeed nearly always quiet.

What’s more important than the amount of bars is the quality of drinks – especially the brands, which are simply impressive. There is no other resort in Punta Cana under 250 USD and probably not even under 300 USD (per room per night) that offers so many international premium brands like Temptation Resort Punta Cana.

The following are just some of the alcohol brands included at Temptation Miches Resort: Aperol, Campari, Frangelico, Absolut Vodka (incl. all sub-tastes), Malibu, Disaronno, El Jimador, Jim Beam, Canadian Club, Johnny Walker Red Label, Dewars White Label, Fernet Branca, Kahlua, Drambuie, Cointreau, Jack Daniels, Bombay Sapphire, Tangueray, Jose Cuervo.

Note that the Bash bar has the biggest selection. In case you can’t find something at the pool bar or the lobby bar, head to Bash at night and ask for it there.

Sip and Savor at the temptation miches hotel Bar

Entertainment and service at Temptation Miches Resort

Okay, you know now that the drinks are flowing excellently at Temptation Resorts in the Dominican Republic. And as I have mentioned further above, Temptation focuses on having a great party throughout the entire stay.

When it comes to entertainment at Temptation Miches Resort, three specific features are different from other resorts in Punta Cana:

1. Focus on the sexy pool:

While there are daytime activities at every all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana, Temptation Miches gets the party started earlier than anyone else – even earlier than the famous Riu Party events, the most massive resort parties in Punta Cana. The first activities start before lunchtime, but it gets hot at the sexy pool in the afternoon, when the entertainment team, the Playmakers, call for sexy competitions or very social activities. The sexy pool is the place to be if you want fun, entertainment and connections with like-minded travelers – usually exactly those reasons why someone visits this new Temptation Resort in the Dominican Republic.

The only downside in my opinion here at the sexy pool: the speakers were too loud, which resulted in the entertainment being for the entire resort.

The Sexy Pool Vibes at Temptation Miches Resort

2.  Theme nights:

With the theme nights, it is pretty similar to the comparison made above: all resorts have them (usually in the form of shows), but Temptation brings them to the next level. All theme nights at Temptation Miches Resort (and even more at Temptation Grand Miches Resort) explicitly invite the guests to dress themselves according to the theme, for example at the jungle party, the white party, or the neon party. Furthermore, the entertainment and bar staff team is strictly dressed according to the theme and fills it with life. Note that it is not mandatory to dress according to the theme (but encouraged), you can also attend with your regular outfits.

3.  Bash:

The centric place at night is Bash, an electric outdoor terrace with a huge bar and an ample stage to dance the night away. The dance shows here focus on being sexy and entertaining, even though they get a bit repetitive after a couple of nights, although the themes are different each night of the week. What makes it great to be here at Bash is that you’re getting premium drinks in a lively atmosphere until 2 a.m. – compared to other resorts, where after 11 p.m. just the small resort disco is open with limited drinks.

Our recommendation for Bash: bring mosquito repellent for your feet and legs as they might be bothersome during certain times of the year.

Sip and Savor at the temptation miches hotel Bar

With all this entertainment and parties going on, you might ask how sexy Temptation Miches Resort is? It depends!

Temptation Miches Resort is the most sexy resort in Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic, together with its neighboring hotel Temptation Grand Miches Resort. It is also the most active party resort in Punta Cana, together with Riu Republica.

On the other side, you don’t have to expect any fully naked people, as I explained already at the beginning of this Temptation Miches Resort review. Guests can be topless (if they want) at the sexy pool. All the entertainment staff including the Playmakers are only wearing sexy bikinis and clothes, without showing explicit areas. The first point is different at neighboring Temptation Grand Miches Resort, where guests can be fully nude in certain areas, such as the Jacuzzi or the Playroom.

If you have visited Temptation Resorts in Cancun before, you might better opt for Temptation Grand Miches Resort, as the sexy themes are much more predominant there, which is also reflected in the attitude of the guests. The main resort, Temptation Miches Resort (the one this review is about), is more of a sexy party resort, but without a lot of lifestyle-friendly activities.

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And how about the service? Everything good! What’s notable here, particularly besides the not phenomenal but spotless service, is that the staff here is allowed to interact and talk with the guests more than in other Punta Cana resorts – which at the first moment lets service appear less professional, but at the second glance is super comfortable as you can make better connections with the staff – especially with, but not limited to, the Playmakers.

One last thing when talking about entertainment and service at Temptation Resort in the Dominican Republic: the offer for sports activities is a bit scarce compared to other all-inclusive hotels in Punta Cana. They have beach volleyball, they have pool games and they have a well-equipped gym – but that’s about it. The water sports center is still waiting for permission from the government, which is why currently (as of September 2023) they only can rent out SUPs and kayaks if a staff member is accompanying you out on the ocean – which limits the time you can go to just a very few hours. Hopefully, this will change in the future.

Preferred Club (VIP Level) at Temptation Miches Resort

Temptation Miches Resort doesn’t have a specific Preferred Club at the property grounds. However, there is a certain kind of VIP privileges, you can get.

The first tier of VIP privileges is when booking one of the higher room categories. Especially when booking a Signature Private Pool Suite, a Celebrity Swim-Up Master Suite or a Let’s Play Private Pool Master Suite you can get – among others – the following amenities:

  • Gourmet coffee maker
  • Preferential restaurant reservations
  • Fully-stocked bar (upon arrival)
  • Sound system w/Bluetooth
  • Jacuzzi kit
  • VIP check in & check out
  • Free 24-hour in-room dining
  • Free adult TV channels
  • Pool & beach concierge service
  • Turndown service
  • Bathrobe & slippers

The second tier is being a Premier member. However, as this is a membership program valid for different Temptation Resorts, we won’t explain them further here in this Temptation Miches review.

Interchanging facilities between Temptation Miches Resort and Temptation Grand Miches Resort

I already mentioned Temptation Grand Miches Resort various times throughout this review, so you might wonder if you can have a look at this more lifestyle-friendly resort. The quick answer is no. There are no day passes available for Temptation Grand Miches Resort and you also don’t have access to Grand when staying on the regular Temptation Miches side.

Considering the rates for both hotels, this is not surprising, as Temptation Miches Resort usually sells for around 150-250 USD per night, and Temptation Grand Miches Resort for around 350 to 500 USD per room per night.

On the other hand, if staying at Temptation Grand Miches Resort, you have full access to Temptation Miches Punta Cana. Part of the people come over particularly for the pool and night parties, as Temptation Grand Miches is generally a quieter resort.

Excursions from Temptation Miches Resort

I am sorry that this Temptation Miches review is so long, but as mentioned in the beginning, this is the first resort in the Miches area – and that’s the reason why there is so much to tell about this new all-inclusive hotel. This also applies to the excursions from Temptation Miches, which are partly different from the typical Punta Cana excursions.

The most important point – one of the biggest advantages of Temptation Miches in the Dominican Republic – is that the resort is located much closer to some of the most interesting nature attractions Punta Cana and the east of the Dominican Republic has to offer, among them Montaña Redonda, Playa Esmeralda, the Bay of Samaná and Los Haitises National Park.

The beautiful and pristine beach of Playa Esmeralda in the area of Miches

This being said you have all of those Punta Cana attractions just in front of your doorstep or at least more than an hour closer compared to when staying right in one of Punta Cana’s resorts.

The most exciting Temptation Miches excursion among those for sure is the whale-watching in the Dominican Republic. Each year between January and March the giant humpback whales are coming down to the Bay of Samaná for the mating season. You can leave with your boat right from Miches.

If you’re traveling during one of the other months, Los Haitises National Park is a great alternative to see some local wildlife, especially frigate birds, pelicans, and other similar animals. If you’re really lucky, you also can see manatees during your Los Haitises tour. The national park is only one hour away from Temptation Miches Punta Cana opposed to 2.5 hours when coming from Punta Cana.

Kayaking at Los Haitises National Park in Los Haitises

Another Temptation Miches excursion super close to the resort is Montaña Redonda. This unique mountain offers fantastic views of the coastline, Laguna Limon and the surrounding mountains and provides spectacular photo opportunities thanks to its giant swings on the edge.

Spectacular Montana Redonda between Miches and Punta Cana
Montaña Redonda

If you’re looking for some other excursions from Temptation Punta Cana Resort, you can also check out dune buggy rides or trips to Playa Esmeralda, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic. Here is an overview about all the excursions you can book from Miches*.

If you want to explore some local life, you can also walk out from Temptation Dominican Republic to the local town of Miches – it is just a 15- to 20-minute walk. Even though there is not that much to see, it gives you a good glimpse of Dominican life. You can head to the oceanfront promenade where you can stroll around and have a cold beer. Miches is a safe town during the day – just be respectful and wear proper clothing (not your provocative Temptation theme party dresses 😉 ).


Temptation Miches is unique and I hope this resort review was able to transmit this. If you’re not into this type of new and unique concept and prefer one of the more regular and established resorts in Punta Cana, don’t book Temptation. Also if you’re not into parties, sexy games and very social people, Temptation Miches Resort is not the right option for you.

On the other side, if you love to party, if you’re looking for an affordable resort and if your main point of this vacation is having fun in a Caribbean atmosphere with a pristine beach, Temptation Miches is the perfect option for you. And you don’t have to be afraid that this hotel is a swinger resort as it might state in some other comments out there (usually from people who have never been there) – it is not. This is different though for the sister property next door, Temptation Grand Miches.

We had a fabulous stay at Temptation Miches and can recommend this hotel to everyone who can identify with the types of travelers mentioned above. If you, additionally, can score a great deal as we did, you also shall have an amazing time in this new area on the Dominican Republic’s tourism map.


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4 thoughts on “Temptation Miches Resort – a comprehensive review of this adults-only all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana”

  1. Hi Chris,
    thank you for such a detailed review. my wife and I are in our mid 60’s. we travel every year for 2 weeks sometimes we take 2 trips yearly, several times to Punta Cana we’re not uptight type nor do we partake in any messing around with others, just a couple who enjoy traveling. We mostly like to see different areas and newer resorts. My wife is claustrophobic so we prefer spacious medium sized resorts. We are very accepting of all lifestyles without judgment, people are just people. We are very interested in some of the area excursions, Whale watching, Quads runners and Waterfall, and especially walking to the local town, we usually bring some small gifts for children like colouring books, crayons new clothing and toys, dropping them off at a school or church.
    however I have a question or two….. what ages would you recommend, or not recommend to book Temptation Miches Punta Cana?
    Is there a quiet-ish room area closer to the playa?
    Are the room upgrades worth their value?
    Thank you Chris,

    1. Hi Grant,
      thanks for your comment.
      To be honest, I think I would not recommend Temptation Miches (neither of both) to you.
      Temptation Miches Resort is only recommendable if you’re looking for some party and serious entertainment. This isn’t the case with you if I understand your comment correctly.
      Temptation Miches Grand might be more suitable for you as it is much more laid-back, no parties, more elegant suites, etc.. But, at Temptation Miches Grand (which will get rebranded to Desire Miches in these days), THE “lifestyle” is a big thing and if you’re absolutely not into it, I feel it is not the right resort for you.
      Have you though of Samaná? Considering the location, it is a bit similar to Miches. There you will find all the excursions mentioned (Quads, Waterfalls, Whale-Watching) and you’re much closer to the local people than in Punta Cana.
      You can check out Bahía Principe Cayacoa (basic and small resort, but stunning and centric location, good reviews) here https://www.puntacanatravelblog.com/recommendation/accommodation-bahia-principe-cayacoa/ or Bahía Principe Samaná (a bit more upscale, semi-private beach, located in the countryside next to villages, adults-only) here https://www.puntacanatravelblog.com/recommendation/accommodation-bahia-principe-samana/ .
      However, I just realized that both resorts (apparently) have changed from all-inclusive to B&B or half-board recently.
      I hope this helps.

    2. Chris
      Thank you for your timely reply, I respect your opinion and experience. We shall look at other resorts. We’ve never booked an Air B&B, really have no experience in that area although we have talked about monthly rentals since we retired five years ago…..just never got around to it.
      Thank you once again. Grant

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