The 13 best day trips from Punta Cana

 Punta Cana is not only about staying in resorts, but it is also about exploring the incredible nature and cultural heritage the Dominican Republic has to offer. There are plenty of day trips from Punta Cana which show you the variety of the country, among them the most historic city in the entire Caribbean, stunning national parks with abundant flora and fauna, some of the most beautiful islands you can imagine and the highest waterfall of the Caribbean. All these things-to-do can be reached in 1 to 2.5 hours maximum and are therefore perfectly suited for a Punta Cana day trip. While some of these activities can be booked as a guided excursion, I have also added some 1-day road-trip ideas, so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Check out this amazing selection of day trips in Punta Cana.

Completely UPDATED: March 2022

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Map with the best day trips from Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic

Best-rated day trips and excursions in Punta Cana

If you are searching for the best Punta Cana day trips, you might look for two different things:
– the best excursions and guided day trips from Punta Cana
– the best day trips to experience on your own, usually with a rental car.

The good news is we are covering both options in this article about the best day trips from Punta Cana. Most of the best Punta Cana trips, such as Isla Saona, Montaña Redonda, Los Haitises National Park or Santo Domingo, are even possible both ways – with a Punta Cana rental car and as a part of a guided Punta Cana tour.

Let’s have a look first at the best-rated day trips from Punta Cana, particularly those which are part of a guided excursion. To find the best Punta Cana day excursions, we have checked thousands of day trips and applied the following criteria:
– at least 35 reviews
– at least a review score of 4.7/5 points (which means that at least 94% of all clients were super happy with the excursion)
– no animal activities or animals in captivity involved (hence no day-trips with Monkeyland, horseback riding or any other activities with direct animal contact)
– duration of at least 6 hours to make it a proper Punta Cana full-day excursion

Especially the combination of the quantity and quality of reviews guarantees that these Punta Cana day trips will please you. On average, 95% of the participants are rating the following Punta Cana day excursions as excellent:

As you can see, you can choose from an amazing array of activities when you want to explore Punta Cana with a guide.
For a better overview, you can find more information about these Punta Cana day excursions in the following table.

(mobile users: please turn your device to landscape mode to enjoy the best view of this table)

The best Punta Cana ExcursiosReview ScoreDurationPriceFurther information
Jungle Buggies + Zipline Combo4.86/5.06 hours128 USDCheck excursion prices at Punta Cana Travel Blog
Snorkeling Cruise + Dune Buggy Adventure4.76/5.08 hours115 USDCheck excursion prices at Punta Cana Travel Blog
Isla Saona Premium Catamaran4.96/5.08 hours139 USD + transfersCheck excursion prices at Punta Cana Travel Blog
Culture & Countryside Tour4.92/5.08 hours69 USDCheck excursion prices at Punta Cana Travel Blog
Santo Domingo Day Trip4.75/5.010-12 hours95 USDCheck excursion prices at Punta Cana Travel Blog
Ziplining4.96/5.06 hours55 USDCheck excursion prices at Punta Cana Travel Blog
Isla Saona Small Group Tour5.0/5.09 hours165 USDCheck excursion prices at Punta Cana Travel Blog
Deep Sea Fishing Charter5.0/5.04-9 hours650-1200 USD (per group)Check excursion prices at Punta Cana Travel Blog
Premium Isla Catalina Tour4.87/5.08 hours129 USD + transfersCheck excursion prices at Punta Cana Travel Blog

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How to rent a car for Punta Cana day-trips

In case you’d prefer to explore Punta Cana on your own, it is best to book a car rental in Punta Cana as most of the attractions are rather difficult to reach with public transport (and taxis are super expensive). Most people think that renting a car in the Dominican Republic is too dangerous or not possible, but the opposite is the case. Especially the roads around Punta Cana are among the best-maintained highways in the entire Dominican Republic and as long as you stick to a few common rules (as explained here), driving in Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic is absolutely safe.

You can read more about this topic in the article if you shall rent a car in Punta Cana.

In case you are wondering where to get a Punta Cana car rental, I’d highly recommend checking Expedia* and Discover Cars*. According to the price comparison for rental cars at Punta Cana Travel Blog, Expedia offers the cheapest rates for car hires, while Discover Cars score with the most comprehensive insurance packages, which is particularly important when renting a car in Punta Cana.

Keeping these recommendations in mind, exploring Punta Canas day trips by rental car is pretty easy and will guarantee you long-lasting memories from the authentic Dominican Republic away from the crowds.

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The best day-trips in Punta Cana

1) Montaña Redonda 

 Montaña Redonda is one of the coolest places in Punta Cana you can have a day trip to. It is a unique mountain with a spectacular 360-degree panorama surrounded by lush mountains and untouched nature. The special features of Montaña Redonda are its giant swings and the cozy hammocks, both being set up right at the edge of the mountain, which allows for fantastic photo opportunities you can’t get anywhere else.

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Whale watching (Jan-Mar only): Whale watching Info | Book it*

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A day trip from Punta Cana to Montaña Redonda is also suitable for both types of travelers: those who’d like to be active during their vacation can take the short but steep hike up to the peak and others who prefer to stay relaxed can ride up with one of the safari trucks waiting at the bottom of the mountain. Once up there, you can have an ice-cold Presidente and enjoy the marvelous views on the surrounding coastline. You can also see Playa Esmeralda, which is the next point here on this list of ideas for the best Punta Cana day trips.

Distance from Bavaro/Punta Cana: 40 miles and less than 1-hour driving
How to get Montaña Redonda:
Option Arent a car (check rental car prices here*) and head to the bottom of Montaña Redonda where you either hike up or take one of the safari trucks
Option Bbook a guided excursion here*
Further information: Montaña Redonda in Miches – the instagrammable mountain with spectacular views

Spectacular Montana Redonda between Miches and Punta Cana

2) Playa Esmeralda

 In the same direction as Montaña Redonda, just 10 miles behind, you can find Playa Esmeralda, one of the most virgin beaches in the Dominican Republic. If you have ever dreamt of visiting a beach where you have 2 miles of beach all on your own, Playa Esmeralda is your Punta Cana day trip to choose. Even it is only a bit more than an hour ago from the multi-billion-dollar tourism industry of Punta Cana, nobody is venturing out to visit this beach. And it’s not only the secludedness that makes Playa Esmeralda unique, it is also the picture-perfect setting with shallow water, swaying coconut palm trees and fine sand.

Unfortunately, a first all-inclusive resort (Club Med Miches*) has been built in 2019/2020 and opened in 2021, hence Playa Esmeralda is not 100% pristine anymore. However, it is a rather small resort and it is located at the far western end of the beach, hence the main beach and the eastern end are just like pure paradise. The advantage of it: the road to Esmeralda Beach is now much better than before and can be accessed by any vehicle.

Distance from Bavaro/Punta Cana: 50 miles and 1:15h driving
How to get to Playa Esmeralda: Take your Punta Cana rental car and head northwest towards Miches. In the municipality of La Mina, take a right turn when you see a sign mentioning Costa Esmeralda.
Further Information:
the best beaches in Punta Cana
the best of Dominican Republic’s beaches

The beautiful and pristine beach of Playa Esmeralda in the area of Miches

3) Salto de la Jalda

 The Northwest of Punta Cana, where you can find Montaña Redonda and Playa Esmeralda, hosts many treasures. Another attraction in this area is Salto de la Jalda, which is the highest waterfall in the Caribbean


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 Same as Playa Esmeralda, Salto de la Jalda can often be found without any other tourists, it is totally off-the-beaten-track. To reach the highest of Punta Canas’ waterfalls, it requires a 3-hour hour hike (one-way) besides a 2-hour drive to the trailhead. Even this sounds a lot, it is still a wonderful day trip from Punta Cana if you are an adventurous traveler with some hiking experience. The reward of this long-trip will be a refreshing dip into the natural swimming pool, an impressive view on the highest waterfall of the Dominican Republic (and the Caribbean) as well as an unparalleled untouched scenery. This Punta Cana day excursion is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Distance from Bavaro/Punta Cana: 65 miles and 2 hours driving
How to get to Salto de la Jalda: 
Option A – for the hiking trip, take your rental car (check prices for rental cars from/to Punta Cana here*) or a taxi from Punta Cana northwest-ward on the well-maintained road to Miches. Continue in the direction of Sabana de la Mar until the town of Magua, where you turn left into the Magua River Valley. Continue until the trailhead or until the road gets too bad to start the hike. For the trailhead and GPS trail of the hike, check out my full article of Salto de la Jalda. Don’t head off with the proper experience of long hikes and open terrain! A guide is highly recommendable!
Option B – book a fully-guided excursion from Punta Cana to Salto de la Jalda*
Option Cbook a helicopter excursion to Salto de la Jalda*
Further information: Salto de la Jalda, the highest waterfall in the Caribbean

Hike to Salto de la Jalda, the highest waterfall in the Caribbean

4) Cascada Blanca

 If Salto de la Jalda sounds too complicated for you, don’t worry, there are plenty of other waterfalls you can reach from Punta Cana. One of them possible as a day trip from Punta Cana is Cascada Blanca, another impressive waterfall hidden in the lush vegetation of the Dominican Republic, but with much easier access if you go with a guide. 

Depending on your shape, the trail has a medium difficulty and can be completed in less than one hour per way. You can refresh yourself in two natural swimming pools as there is a second waterfall on the way. Once you are back in the quiet mountain village of Pedro Sanchez, you can head for a delicious local homecooked lunch.

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Best off-the-beaten-track excursion: Montana Redonda & Costa Esmeralda* (rating 4.79/5)
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New and trending for 2024: Evening Buggy Tour with Water Cave and Dancing*

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For a local guide, you can try to contact the following phone numbers via WhatsApp in Spanish: +1 809 839 4347 or +1 829-388-5587. Please note that I haven’t used their services and can’t vouch for the quality. Alternatively, you can download a GPS track from Alltrails if you want to do this day trip from Punta Cana, even though it is not recommended to go on your own if you don’t have experience walking through the jungle.

Distance from Bavaro/Punta Cana: 65 miles and a bit less than 2 hours driving
How to get to Cascada Blanca: Take your car rental (check prices for rental cars from/to Punta Cana here*) or a taxi from Punta Cana northwest-ward on the well-maintained road to Miches. Continue left in the direction of El Seibo until you reach Pedro Sanchez. Here you should meet your pre-arranged guide.
Further information: All waterfalls in Punta Cana reachable in under 3 hours

The waterfall Cascada Blanca close to Pedro Sanchez in the Cordillera Oriental

5) Casa de Campo and Altos de Chavón

 You see that the Northwest of Punta Cana has plenty of natural attractions to offer when it comes to Punta Cana trips. If you prefer it a bit more relaxed with less action, you should head to the area west and southwest of Punta Cana, where you can find easier Punta Cana day trips which are also very suitable for families (you can find all recommended family activities in Punta Cana here), small children and the elderly. 

Travel resources

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All-Inclusive Resorts: Info | Book It*
Apartments & Villas: Info | Book It*
Excursions: Info | Book It*
Rental Car: Info | Book It*
Road-Trips & Self-Drive Tours: Info | Plan It

 The most famous thing-to-do in this area of the Dominican Republic is Casa de Campo, which not only features hundreds of luxury villas and a high-end resort but is also home to Altos de Chavón, a re-creation of a Mediterranean style European village with views on the scenic Chavón River, which marks a perfect day trip from Punta Cana. Here you can stroll along the cobblestone alleyways, take stunning photos and enjoy a café or lunch in a relaxed atmosphere. Once you have paid the entrance fee (25 USD) for Casa de Campo which is mandatory to visit Altos de Chavón, you can also check out the marina and the beach of Casa de Campo. Keep your eyes open when you tour around, you might be able to see a few celebrities, as Casa de Campo is a popular holiday destination for many VIPs such as Robert Redford, Mikhail Gorbachev, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Robert Stack, Vin Diesel and Jennifer Lopez.

Distance from Bavaro/Punta Cana: 55 miles and 1-hour driving
How to get to Casa de Campo: 
Option A – Take a very easy drive along the highway leading from Punta Cana towards La Romana and follow the signs to Casa de Campo
Option BBook your excursion to Altos de Chavon from Punta Cana here*

Altos de Chavon in Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic

6) Cueva de las Maravillas

 Once you have started your Punta Cana trip to Casa de Campo, you can also head the additional 20 minutes west and visit “La Cueva de las Maravillas”, the Cave of the Wonders. The main attractions of this large and illuminated cave system are its paintings and engravings on the walls, which are over 500 years old and date back to the Taínos, the native inhabitants of the Dominican Republic. As the caves are directly on the highway and the walk is guided and well-marked, this is an easy visit suitable for everyone. The entrance fee is around 400 DOP (approx. 7 USD) and you can also see a small iguana zoo.

Distance from Bavaro/Punta Cana: 70 miles and 1:15h driving
How to get to La Cueva de las Maravillas: Take the highway from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo, the caves are approximately half-way between both destinations

The Cave of Wonders, Cueva de las Maravillas, nearby La Romana

7) Barcelo Rum Factory

 Close to the town of San Pedro de Macorís, which is easily accessible for a day trip from Punta Cana, you can find one of the biggest rum distilleries in the Dominican Republic: Barceló. The visitor center is located amidst endless sugar cane plantations, where a lot can be learned about the distilling process, the history and the different brands of Barceló. You can choose between the Añejo Tour (15 USD) and the Imperial Tour (25 USD), which mainly differs by the kind of rums you can select for the rum tasting.

Distance from Bavaro/Punta Cana: 85 miles and 1:45h driving
How to get to the Barcelo Rum Factory: Follow the highway from Punta Cana until San Pedro de Macorís. When reaching the junction to Carreterra Mella, leave the highway and head towards Quisqueya.
Further information: rum tours in Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic

The Barcelo Rum Factory in San Pedro de Macoris

8) Boca de Yuma

 One of the closest day trips from Punta Cana is Boca de Yuma. It is that close that it’s also possible as a half-day trip from Bavaro & Co. Boca de Yuma is a little and very quiet fishing village, which is famous for its various local restaurants atop a cliff with a marvelous view on the ocean and the surrounding coast. It is the best and most authentic place to eat fresh fish in the entire eastern part of the Dominican Republic, plates are usually around 10-12 USD. International tourism is almost non-existent here, but the restaurants feature a welcoming and rural charm.

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If you want to have a walk before or after your meal of fish, you can head towards the little park of the village with views of the river Yuma, visit a natural swimming pool separated from the ocean just by some rocks (“El Zumbador”) or explore the underground lagoon around a 1 mile away from Yuma for a refreshing swim. To visit the lagoon, ask the locals to show you the way and tip them after the tour. Alternatively, if you want to discover this Punta Cana day trip as a guided tour, you can book a Boca de Yuma day excursion from Punta Cana here*.

Distance from Bavaro/Punta Cana: 50 miles and 1h driving
How to get to the Boca de Yuma: Drive along the Punta Cana highway until the Higuey turn-off and follow the road south until you reach Boca de Yuma

Boca de Yuma, a typical fishing village in the Dominican Republic

9) Higuey

 Another half-day trip from Punta Cana which can be extended to a full-day Punta Cana trip as well is Higuey, the capital of the province La Altagracia – the same province Punta Cana is part of. Higuey is a bustling city with the typical attributes of every major Dominican town: loud, chaotic and cheap. If you are looking for something specific, you can get it here for a discounted price, but have to deal with congested streets, omnipresent vendors and different influences on all sensory organs. As a reward, you can visit an authentic Dominican market, very cheap local restaurants or the famous Basílica Catedral Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia, one of the most important religious buildings in the entire Dominican Republic and thanks to its gigantic arch also an impressive landmark.

 Higuey is also one of the best Punta Cana day trips if you would like to try the public transport in Punta Cana, as nearly all Punta Cana resorts and accommodation in Bavaro, Cabeza de Toro, Arena Gorda, Macao and Uvero Alto are connected with direct services to Higuey. You can read here on how the public transport system in Punta Cana is working. Because of the congested streets in Higuey, I would recommend a day trip from Punta Cana to Higuey by public transport rather than with a rental car.

If you feel that this is too adventurous, you can also book a guided excursion to Higuey*.

Distance from Bavaro/Punta Cana: 25 miles and less than 1-hour driving
How to get to Higuey
Option A – by car (check prices for rental cars in Punta Cana here*), just follow the signs or the map to Higuey. Depending on where your resort is, you can reach Higuey either via the highway or via Otrabanda.
Option B – head to Higuey by public transport. Check out this article to see how to get to Higuey.
Option Cbook a guided half-day excursion to Higuey*

The Basilica La Altagracia in Higuey

10) Santo Domingo

 Santo Domingo is a very popular Punta Cana day trip, even in my opinion it’s a bit too far, hence I prefer it as a 2-day road-trip (check out unique places to stay in Santo Domingo here) in combination with some other points of interest mentioned in this article.

However, if you decide to go to Santo Domingo for a day trip from Punta Cana, you will see one of the most historic sites of the entire Caribbean – and one of the most beautiful as well. The Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo is the heart of the city, the historic center and at the same time also protected as a UNESCO world cultural heritage. Strolling through the ancient streets feels like being in an open-air museum, as you can see colonial buildings, colorful facades and centuries-old landmarks such as the oldest church of the Americas, the house of Columbus’ son or the fortresses back from the 16th century. You can also enjoy the several cafés, historic patios and creative art shops, which all make up for an exciting and memorable day. 

Same as for Higuey, Santo Domingo also marks a perfect option if you are looking for a Punta Cana trip by public transport. You can check out all the connections between Punta Cana and Santo Domingo here.

Distance from Bavaro/Punta Cana: 125 miles and 2.5 hours driving
How to get to Santo Domingo:
Option Abook your full-day excursion from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo here*
Option B – take the first bus in the morning from Bavaro to Santo Domingo (7 am, be at the bus station at least 30 minutes before). In the afternoon, take the last bus from Santo Domingo back to Punta Cana (4 pm, be at the bus station at least 30 minutes before). See more information about the busses running between Punta Cana and Santo Domingo in this section.
Option C (not recommended due to the traffic in Santo Domingo) – with your rental car, head along the main highway from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana and look for the car parks right in the Colonial Zone at Calle José Reyes or Calle Arzobispo Meriño.
Further information:
10 reasons why you should visit the Zona Colonial of Santo Domingo
How to get from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo?
How to get from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana?
27 best Airbnbs in Santo Domingo (hand-picked and recommended)
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The historic streets of the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo

11) Los Haitises National Park

 Los Haitises National Park is another famous attraction and it is no less impressive than Santo Domingo. While it is also quite far and I have described some options for a 2-day itinerary here in this article, it is a perfect opportunity to see some of the Dominican Republic’s most beautiful nature and wildlife. Usually, you can explore the park by boat and see frigate birds, mangroves and caves with ancient rock paintings. If you decide for a customized version to Los Haitises on ypur Punta Cana trip, you can also visit the impressive waterfall eco-lodge in the national park and even stay there for a night, which might be one of the most exciting overnight accommodations you have ever had. Read more about it in my separate article of Los Haitises National Park.

Distance from Bavaro/Punta Cana: 80 miles and 2.5 hours driving
How to get to Los Haitises National Park:
Option A – book your full-day excursion from Punta Cana to Los Haitises National Park here*
Option B – take your Punta Cana car hire and head towards Sabana de la Mar, a newly built road from Punta Cana. Continue a dirt road for around half an hour until you reach the little national park accommodation Paraíso Caño Hondo*. You can book your national park tour by boat there.
Further information: Los Haitises National Park – a wonderful excursion or road-trip from Punta Cana

The beautiful Los Haitises national park, the most popular national park in the Dominican Republic

12) Isla Saona

 The last two entries in my post about the most recommendable day trips from Punta Cana are two of the most beautiful islands you can find in the Dominican Republic. The first one is Isla Saona, one of the most visited islands in the entire Caribbean, but also one of the most beautiful ones. Even thousands of tourists are coming here every day, you have to visit Isla Saona on your own to see the beauty of the island. Picture-perfect beaches, swaying palm trees, catamarans anchoring in ultra-turquoise water and a Caribbean charm which is hard to resist are some of the key points of a Punta Cana day trip to Saona Island. Furthermore, the tour by boat lives up its dream of cruising with a catamaran through the open ocean while sipping on a drink and admire the surrounding scenery. Isla Saona is a must-see during your vacation and one of the best day trips in Punta Cana, even it can only be visited as a group tour (or on a private Saona excursion).

Distance from Bavaro/Punta Cana: 50 miles and 1:15h driving
How to get to Isla Saona: the easiest is to simply book a full-day group excursion from/to Punta Cana* (or a private tour (check prices here*) if that fits your budget)
Further information:
Excursion to Isla Saona – everything you need to know for your hassle-free Isla Saona tour
the best beaches in the Dominican Republic (incl. map)

The one and only Isla Saona, the most popular excursion in Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic

13) Isla Catalina

 The second option for an island day trip from Punta Cana is Isla Catalina, which is the little neighbor of Isla Saona. It is much less frequented than Isla Saona and offers a better catamaran experience (because both ways are by catamaran and not just one way as for Isla Saona) and better snorkeling conditions. Even though the scenery might not be as spectacular as for Isla Saona, you still can have a perfect day when heading towards Isla Catalina. Fun on the catamaran, relaxing on the beach, some nice photo opportunities and food and drinks as much as you want are some of the key characteristics of this tour. You can read my comprehensive guide about Isla Catalina here.

Distance from Bavaro/Punta Cana: 55 miles and 1:15h driving
How to get to Isla Catalina: the easiest is to simply book a full-day group excursion from/to Punta Cana* (or a private tour (check prices here*) if that fits your budget)
Further information: Isla Catalina – less-frequented island excursion to paradise

Our excursion to the beautiful Isla Catalina, south of La Romana

Those are the best day-trips from Punta Cana! Which one is your favorite? Do you have further ideas? Have you visited some of those places and have recommendations? Let me know in the comments, I am happy to hear about your experiences.

Are you interested in more than just day-trips from Punta Cana? In this case, check out these three amazing multi-day itineraries, which give you a perfect overview of what the Dominican Republic has to offer:
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If you are looking for more activities and excursions, you can also continue reading this list of the best things-to-do in Punta Cana and the 35 best excursions in Punta Cana.


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