Salto El Limón waterfall from Punta Cana and for Samaná travelers – insider tips, excursions, hiking trails, etc.

El Limón Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Dominican Republic and therefore also one of the most popular ones. Furthermore, it is reachable from Punta Cana, Santo Domingo and the Samaná peninsula itself, which is why it receives many visitors. Therefore, it’s important to know the best excursions and insider tips – to avoid the crowds, to find the right option to visit and to have the best experience at Salto El Limón. 

 I have added up all the details to a full guide about waterfall Salto El Limón, which includes all the important information from my several visits – it doesn’t matter if for excursions or individual travelers, if you are coming from Punta Cana, Samaná or Santo Domingo, if you are preferring busses, private transfers or a tour or if you are coming with a cruise ship or your own (rental) car. You even can take a small 9-seater plane to visit the Samaná peninsula from Punta Cana, incl. El Limón waterfall and Cayo Levantado

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Completely UPDATED: July 2023

Quick Overview: best Punta Cana to Samaná excursions

Looking to book last-minute and don’t have time to read all the details? No worries, the following overview shows you the different tours available when looking for a Samaná adventure to Punta Cana. If you are interested in all the details about Samaná, Salto El Limón Waterfall and Cayo Levantado and Bacardi Island continue reading this guide below as I will show you all the different options of how to get from Punta Cana to Samaná.

 Samana Adventure Punta Cana (Standard-Tour by bus + boat)Samana Explorer from Punta Cana by plane (Premium-Tour by plane)
Character of this Samaná excursion from Punta Canabus from Punta Cana to Miches (75-90 minutes), then boarding the boat for Samaná. Safari truck exploring the Samaná peninsula, visiting Salto El Limón (horseback riding + walking), lunch at a typical ranch + visit of Cayo Levantado (Bacardi Island). Afterwards, boat ride back to Miches and bus to your hotel.quick airport transfer (approx. 15 to 25 minutes), flight to Samaná with panoramic views (small plane, 30 minutes). Once landed in Samaná, safari truck exploring the peninsula, visiting Salto El Limón (horseback riding + walking), lunch at a typical ranch + visit of Cayo Levantado (Bacardi Island). Quick hop to the airport (5-10 minutes), flight to Punta Cana + transfer back to your hotel.
HighlightsSamaná Bay by boat, Salto El Limón and Bacardi Islandpanoramic flight, Salto El Limón and Bacardi Island
Method of transportminivan/bus + boat + safari truckminivan (to the airport) + airplane + safari truck + boat
Price per personapprox. 170 USD*approx. 305 USD*
Duration11-12 hours10-11 hours
Group sizemedium to largesmall (max. 9 people)
Lunch incl. drinksyesyes
Transfers from hotel includedyesyes
 Check excursion prices at Punta Cana Travel BlogCheck excursion prices at Punta Cana Travel Blog
 All details in this table are for informational purposes only and can change without further notice. Please check the description of the tour offer for binding information. Punta Cana Travel Blog can’t be held responsible for any errors or changes.

What is Salto El Limón Waterfall?

 Salto El Limón, also known as El Limon Waterfall, is one of the most captivating waterfalls in the Dominican Republic. With its lush vegetation, vibrant waters, and picturesque drop, it offers a mesmerizing natural spectacle. The waterfall can be accessed through hiking or horseback riding, typically included in guided excursions from Punta Cana or other locations. Alternatively, Salto El Limón presents an opportunity for independent hikers to explore the trails, as they are reasonably well-marked even for those without extensive jungle experience. Upon reaching the waterfall—whether on a guided tour, horseback ride, or self-guided hike—you can relish in the invigorating natural swimming pool, boasting an enchanting emerald green color. It’s important to exercise caution during this Samaná adventure, as the path can be slippery, and there may be rocks in the pool. 

The waterfall of Salto El Limon, one of the most picturesque waterfalls in the Dominican Republic

Salto El Limón is not only the most picturesque waterfall, with 120 feet it is also the highest waterfall in Samaná. Therefore it is even more impressive to visit this waterfall in the Dominicana Republic, especially as you can see another one on the way to the falls.

Where is Salto El Limón Waterfall?

 Salto El Limón is nestled on the Samaná peninsula, located in the northeastern part of the Dominican Republic. The access point is the charming village of El Limón (Dominican Republic), situated between the popular fishing town of Las Terrenas and the vibrant city of Santa Barbara de Samaná. There are several El Limon Waterfall hiking trails (detailed below) that commence between the villages of El Limón and Rancho Español. If you’re driving, the approximate distances to the trailheads are 30 minutes to Las Terrenas, 2.5-3 hours to Santo Domingo, 3-3.5 hours to Puerto Plata, and 4.5 hours to Punta Cana. For those relying on public transport, the journey takes slightly over 30 minutes from Las Terrenas and Santa Barbara de Samaná.

When to go to El Limón Waterfall?

El Limón Waterfall (Dominican Republic) is best visited during the rainy season or at the beginning of the dry season as in some years the waterfall dries out pretty much at the end of the dry season. In this case, particularly in the months of April to June, you might only see a trickle running down the impressive drop. Therefore, the best time to visit Salto El Limón Waterfall is between August (or after the first rains have arrived) and March more or less.

In terms of the time of the day, it is best to visit Salto del Limon in Samaná as early as possible in the morning – ideally before 9am – or late in the afternoon after 3pm, to avoid the crowds of tour groups during the day.

Visit El Limón Waterfall from Punta Cana

Guided land excursion to Salto El Limón from Punta Cana

Embarking on a guided land excursion from Punta Cana to Salto El Limón* offers a truly immersive and diverse adventure, showcasing the stunning landscapes and regions of the Dominican Republic. Typically lasting around 10 to 12 hours, these excursions from Punta Cana encompass a variety of transportation modes, including a bus-boat-safari truck combination, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

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The journey to Salto El Limon Waterfall begins with an early morning pick-up from your hotel or all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana, covering pick-ups in areas such as Cap Cana, Cabeza de Toro, Bavaro, Macao, and Uvero Alto. As you travel northwestward, a scenic drive unfolds along a newly constructed road, meandering between the majestic mountains of the Cordillera Oriental, including the notable Montaña Redonda, and the picturesque coastline. En route, you’ll pass through quaint villages and witness the lush rice terraces, immersing yourself in the local ambiance.

Upon reaching one of the small ports along the Miches – Sabana de la Mar route (which depends on the tour operator you book), you transition to a boat for a 15-mile ride from the Punta Cana side to the Samaná peninsula. The boat journey may vary in intensity, influenced by the day’s wind and waves. Upon arrival in Samaná, you’ll switch to a safari truck, traversing the verdant Samaná mountain range, abundant with lush vegetation and charming fishing villages, on your way to the ranches that mark the beginning of the tour to El Limón Waterfall.

At this point, you’ll have the option to choose between a horseback ride or a hike. While a horseback ride is available, I recommend opting for the hike, not only to challenge your fitness but also to support the mules and horses, which may not always be in optimal condition (so express it positively – in other words, the horses or mules are getting treated very poorly). The El Limón Waterfall hike takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes and although the trail can be rocky and muddy, it is a manageable trek.

Hike to the waterfall of Salto El Limon on the Samaná peninsula

 For both options – hike or horseback ride – you have to first climb down and afterwards climb up a natural staircase of around 150 feet altitude to reach Salto El Limón Waterfall. That’s equal to the height of this beautiful waterfall.

Please note that if you decide on horseback riding you get assigned a private guide who is taking care of your horse and is guiding you all the way to the waterfall El Limón. They also make sure you are comfortable and enjoy the ride. Those local guides usually don’t get paid (it doesn’t matter which tour you book), so please tip them generously. That’s one of the few things I don’t like about Salto El Limón in Samaná, but unfortunately, that’s how their business is organized. Again, the better option would be opting out from the horseback ride as the horses are not getting treated well anyway. Hiking to El Limon Waterfall is definitely the better option here, even though your guide might try to convince you of the opposite.

 After refreshing yourself in the natural swimming pool, you ride or hike back to the starting point of the El Limón Waterfall tour and can enjoy a typical Dominican lunch. Back in the safari trucks, you are heading back towards the port of Samaná where you embark on the boat and just take a quick 15-minute hop to the gorgeous island of Cayo Levantado, which is also widely known as Bacardi Island (apparently, this was where the famous Bacardi commercial was filmed, but there is no real proof about it). Anyway, Bacardi or not, you can enjoy the beach and the turquoise ocean before heading back from Samaná by boat to the mainland and from there by bus back to your Punta Cana resort.

If interested in this Punta Cana to Samaná tour, please check out the following hand-selected options, which are some of the recommendable excursions from Punta Cana to El Limón Waterfall and Cayo Levantado.

 As you can see from the description of those Samaná adventure tours, these excursions from Punta Cana are quite long, as they have several stages of transport: bus – boat – safari truck – hike/horseback ride and the same way back. The amazing thing about it is that it doesn’t get boring, the negative point might be that it’s just too long because the whole excursion from Punta Cana to Salto El Limón takes 10-12 hours – which is also why most of the El Limón Waterfall excursions only have average reviews. However, if you see the journey as part of your trip, the tours to Salto de Limon are enjoyable. 

Guided air excursion to El Limón Waterfall from Punta Cana

 If you feel that this is too long then you should check out the excursion by airplane as it cuts the transport part considerably. Instead of the long bus and boat journey, you board a plane at Punta Cana International Airport and hop over to Samaná in a fraction of the time. This tour is called Samaná Explorer from Punta Cana by plane* and comes with a couple of additional perks on top:

– smaller groups, as the plane usually only fits 8 to 19 passengers
– less time in the bus and more time on the Samaná peninsula
– amazing views on the Dominican Republic from above, including Punta Cana, the Cordillera Oriental and the Samaná peninsula (depending on the flight route of the day)

Playa Esmeralda seen from above, during the flight from Punta Cana in direction to the Samaná peninsula

 Once you arrive at the local Samaná airport of Arroyo Barril, the procedure is similar to the guided land excursion starting with the part of the safari truck. Some companies swap this truck for a private van as well, depending on the tour. You head over to the area of Salto del Limón (usually a bit earlier than the regular groups from Punta Cana), hike or horseback ride to the El Limón Waterfall and visit Cayo Levantado (Bacardi Island) on the way back. Once you are done here, you head back to the Arroyo Barril Airport and fly back from Samaná to Punta Cana – again with marvelous views if the weather permits. As the planes are super small, you shouldn’t be claustrophobic, but the big advantage is that nearly everyone in the plane has a window seat and can admire the Dominican Republic from above.

Check the prices of both Punta Cana to Samaná tours, the land excursion and the Samaná Explorer by plane. Sometimes the difference is amazingly small. At the time of writing, some tours by bus are offered at 179 USD per person (even there are existing a few cheaper options), while the plane excursion is priced at around 300 USD for 2023. That’s not so much of a difference considering you are getting two panoramic flights on top.

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Multi-day itinerary or road trip from Punta Cana to El Limón Waterfall

 You don’t like these guided excursions and would prefer to go on your own? Absolutely possible! Just count in some additional time as driving there the whole way is a bit far and would not be feasible for 1 day. That’s why I would highly recommend making a 2- or 3-day road trip out of it – either as a self-drive tour or with a private driver. This also gives you the advantage that you can visit Salto El Limón very early in the morning or very late in the afternoon and therefore have a high chance of having this beautiful waterfall just for you. You can check out a possible itinerary from Punta Cana to Samaná in this article.

The waterfall of Salto El Limon, one of the most picturesque waterfalls in the Dominican Republic

 How do you organize this trip?

 Well, it depends! If you would like to do it as a self-drive tour, just rent a car (my recommendation is here*), book yourself an accommodation* in the popular beach town of Las Terrenas (the complete opposite of Punta Cana) and head off early the next day on your way to El Limón Waterfall.

 If you prefer a private driver, I can help you with finding one, then you just need your accommodation on the Samaná peninsula and you are good to go.

 For the details on how to visit Salto El Limón waterfall within such a road trip, please refer to my section below “VISITING SALTO EL LIMÓN ON YOUR OWN”.


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The author Chris in the Dominican Republic

Visit waterfall El Limón Waterfall from Santo Domingo

Guided excursion to Salto El Limón from Santo Domingo

 If you are based in Santo Domingo, incl. its beach towns Boca Chica and Juan Dolio, there are – as far as I know – no guided group excursions to the waterfall El Limón on the Samaná peninsula. Therefore, a private excursion (where you can combine El Limón Waterfall with some other highlights of the Samaná peninsula, for example, the pristine beaches of the area or the popular beach town of Las Terrenas) would be the only option to reach Salto De Limón for a day-trip.

Multi-day itinerary or road trip from Santo Domingo to El Limón Waterfall

However, even better would be a 2- or 3-day road-trip to Samaná, as the driving time from Santo Domingo to El Limón Waterfall is still around 3 hours, which is pretty long for a day trip. Such a Samaná road-trip is particularly interesting as the peninsula is stunning and will blow your mind away with its natural beauty and unspoiled nature. Samaná is harvesting millions of coconuts every year, so you can imagine how many palm trees you can find here. The beaches in Samaná are no comparison with those in Punta Cana, as they are mostly pristine and empty – you can have a 2-mile beach in Samaná all on your own. So why not explore a little bit more and plan a 2- or better 3-day itinerary

You can find a sample of my road trip ideas and itinerary proposals here. Furthermore, you can contact me here and we can work out a cool and personalized Dominican Republic itinerary together.

Visit waterfall El Limón Waterfall when you are already in Samaná

 Many people choose to spend their vacation right in Samaná – because of the relaxed beach town vibe, the pristine beaches and the lower prices, even transportation from the airports in the Dominican Republic to the Samaná region is a bit more difficult than in Punta Cana.

 If you are already in Samaná you can choose between two options to visit El Limón Waterfall: going on an organized tour or heading to the waterfall on your own.

Delicious tropical fruits right on the road when driving in Samana

Guided excursion to Salto El Limón from Samaná (Las Terrenas, Las Galeras)

 If you are on holiday in Samaná, you have different options to book a guided excursion to El Limón Waterfall. Advantages of these tours: some of them leave early so that you reach the waterfall before other people arrive from cruise ships or from Punta Cana.

 If you are staying at one of the few all-inclusive resorts in Samaná, you can book one of the regular tours, where you get picked up and later head to the trailhead of Salto El Limón by safari truck. These Samaná adventure tours are considerably shorter than the ones described above from Punta Cana because depending on where you are staying, the driving time is just 20 – 60 minutes. Upon arriving at the ranch, you saddle up the horse and start horseback riding (or hiking) to the waterfall Salto El Limón (Samaná). As mentioned, I would recommend the hike as the horses or mules are not in good shape, furthermore the trail is a good challenge for your physical fitness. And by the way, I was once riding the horse and felt more in danger than when walking due to the uneven path, that’s also one of the reasons I have done all the El Limón Waterfall hiking trails by foot since then.

Hike to the waterfall of Salto El Limon on the Samaná peninsula

 Once you have arrived at El Limón Waterfall and climbed down the 150 feet staircase, you can refresh yourself in the natural swimming pool and enjoy the cold river and gorgeous colors. After the hike (or horseback ride) back you usually get a local Dominican lunch and drive back to your accommodation afterwards. The whole El Limón Waterfall excursion just takes around 4-6 hours as opposed to 10-12 hours when coming from Punta Cana to Samaná, but does not – in most cases – include “Bacardi Island” (Cayo Levantado).

Here you can find some of the best El Limón Waterfall excursions from Samaná:
El Limón Waterfall without pick-up (starts right at El Limón)*
El Limón Waterfall from Las Terrenas*
El Limón Waterfall from Las Terrenas (Private Tour)*
El Limón Waterfall from Santa Barbara de Samaná*

 If you would like to be particularly early at El Limón Waterfall (Dominican Republic), I can recommend Flora Tours* from my own experiences. They start their tours in Las Terrenas (no other pick-up points) at the latest at 8 am and just go in small groups which means you are at the waterfall usually around 9 am, which (nearly) guarantees you some unspoiled views and experiences of Salto El Limón (Samaná). Further plus: if you reserve with 2 people and they don’t have other reservations for that day, they do the tour just with you – there is no minimum number of participants. This means you just pay the price for a group tour but get a private tour if you are lucky.

Visiting El Limón Waterfall on your own

How to arrive by car and where to park at El Limón Waterfall?

 Arriving by car to Salto El Limón is not that difficult if you are used to road conditions in third-world countries. Saying that, if you have driven in similar countries before, you can easily rent a car in the Dominican Republic. If this is your first time in this kind of environment I highly recommend a private driver.

 To reach Salto El Limón, just enter El Limón Waterfall (Dominican Republic) in Google Maps and follow the instructions. Depending on where you are coming from, the distance and driving time to the trailheads are as following:

– from Las Terrenas: 12 miles / 30 minutes
– from Las Galeras: 25 miles / 1 hour
– from Santo Domingo: 100 miles / 2:40 hours
– from Puerto Plata: 120 miles / 3:45 hours
– from Punta Cana: 200 miles / 4:20 hours

 You can park your car at one of the several paradas and ranches which are signposted along the road between the villages of Rancho Español and El Limón (Dominican Republic). Those are properties of small family-operated tour operators. All the tours to Salto El Limón waterfall, it doesn’t matter if guided or not, if hiking or by horse, start from here. Check the map below with all of the El Limon Waterfall Hike Starting Points to get a full overview of where you can park (for example for Sendero Franklin you park at “Parada Franklin” respectively “Rancho Franklin”)

Hike to the waterfall of Salto El Limon on the Samaná peninsula

Reaching Salto El Limón by public transport

 If you would like to reach Salto El Limón Waterfall by public transport, you can connect either via Las Terrenas or Santa Barbara de Samaná. Little pick-ups or minivans are leaving Las Terrenas at the cemetery right in front of La Bodega or in Santa Barbara de Samaná at the public market. 

 When arriving from Las Terrenas, some of the vans/pick-ups run all the way to Santa Barbara de Samaná. In this case, tell the driver that you want to go to Salto El Limón and they will drop you at one of the different trailheads.

 If the minivan/pick-up just runs until the village of El Limón (Samaná), you have to get a motoconcho (motorcycle-taxi) from there to your preferred trailhead or simply walk half a mile to the first trailhead, Sendero El Café (see below for explanations of the different trails).

El Limon Waterfall Accommodation

Usually, most people visiting Cascada El Limón Waterfall are staying in Las Terrenas (check here for the best Las Terrenas accommodation*), which is only a 30-minute drive away. Still, if you’d like to stay even closer, there are a few accommodation options available right in El Limón in Samaná, a busy little village mostly unaffected by tourism (except for the daily El Limón Waterfall excursions):

De Luz Hotel ($): a very affordable small hotel, with a couple of rooms which just got renovated when I was there a couple of years ago. No frills, but clean and great value for money. De Luz Hotel is located right in El Limón town and within walking distance of several restaurants and smaller shops but still set in a peaceful surrounding (call +1 809 757 5168 for availability).

De Luz Hotel in El Limon, Dominican Republic

Lutix Hotel* ($$): another affordable option in El Límon (Samaná), yet more expensive than De Luz Hotel as it offers more amenities such as a swimming pool and a restaurant. It is located slightly out of town but still walkable to El Limón. To the trailhead for the EL Limón hiking trail “Sendero El Café”, it is a 1-mile walk. (check prices and availability here*)

Samana Eco-Lodge* ($$$): a unique hotel right in El Limón, just a few hundred feet behind the town, amidst the beautiful green and lush nature. You can expect a true eco-lodge here, where you can connect with nature and enjoy peace and happiness. Just note that the rooms don’t have proper walls. (check prices and availability here*)

Local tours to waterfall Salto El Limón

 Once you arrive at one of those ranches (called “paradas”), the owners will most likely try to sell you a tour which usually includes the horseback ride and lunch. If you are interested in one of those tours, be prepared to haggle as they tend to overcharge. However, if you would like to have a tour with horseback ride and lunch I recommend booking one of the excursions listed above. There are hardly any advantages when going with the local tour operators as they are not as customer-orientated but more money-orientated. You probably have a better experience when going with an official tour*.

And, as a reminder I want to mention it again, most of the horses used for the El Limon Waterfall excursion – including those of the local tours and owners – are in pretty bad shape. Please don’t use them and better enjoy nature on one of the amazing El Limon Waterfall hiking trails.

Hiking trails to waterfall Salto El Limón

 On the other side, if you don’t want to have a tour at all, you are good to go once you park your car at the ranch. You might have to pay around 100-200 DOP as a parking fee and the ranch owners will try to tell you that it is dangerous to go on your own, but it is not as long as you have hiking experience, are in decent physical shape and head off with your GPS application to track your trail. Alternatively, hire a guide from the ranches and pay him around 20-40 USD per group (without horses, without lunch) and stay firm with your offers – they will try to milk more money out of you. 

 If you decide on visiting on your own, you have plenty of El Limon Waterfall hiking trails available. The good thing compared to other hiking areas in the Dominican Republic is that the hiking trails are marked in some way, so it is one of the few occasions where you can go hiking in the country without proper field experiences (check out this article for more hiking options in Punta Cana). However, due to the limited signs, I recommend going with a GPS that tracks your way to make sure you don’t get lost. In total, there are 6 hiking trails (called “Senderos”) leading to Salto El Limón. I will describe them shortly from north to south.

Hiking map for the hiking trails to the waterfall of Salto El Limon on the Samaná peninsula
Sendero El Café

 Sendero El Café starts just 1 km behind the village of El Limón (Dominican Republic), making it the hiking trail closest to Las Terrenas. With around 2 miles and a spectacular viewpoint on the way (which is unique and doesn’t exist on the other hiking trails), it is also the longest and the most beautiful hike of all trails leading to the waterfall Salto El Limón. It also contains two river crossings, so be prepared that your shoes get wet and muddy (which also happens on most of the other trails).

Sendero La Manzana, Sendero Arroyo Surdido and Sendero Franklin

 These three trails are the shortest routes to Salto El Limón Waterfall. If you hike at a decent pace you can make them in around half an hour, as they are just around 1 mile long. On the way, you can see a smaller waterfall which, however, isn’t as impressive as El Limón Waterfall. A river crossing is also necessary on this hiking trail. The trailheads of Sendero La Manzana, Sendero Arroyo Surdido and Sendero Franklin can be found around 5 kilometers after the village of El Limón (Samaná).

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Sendero La Javilla

 This hiking trail to Waterfall El Limón is only a few hundred meters longer than the three previously mentioned and leads along a beautiful and quiet river for a long time. It has the lowest incline of all options and is therefore the easiest to walk, although your shoes will get dirty due to the mud on most parts of the trail.

Sendero Olga

 Together with the Sendero El Café, Sendero Olga is the longest hiking trail with a distance of around 2 miles. It has the southernmost starting point and is the first trailhead when coming from Santa Barbara de Samaná. After half of the distance, it gets united with Sendero Javilla. The scenery here is quite attractive but not as spectacular as at Sendero El Café.

Lush and abundant scenery on the hike to Salto El Limon

 You can also combine the different trails and walk one of the trails to get to the waterfall and another one to get back. Motoconchos and little public busses are plying the route along the trailheads, so if you choose this option you won’t have a problem getting back to your initial starting point or to your car.

Further waterfalls when hiking El Limón Waterfall

 Interestingly enough, there is not only El Limón Waterfall when it comes to waterfalls in this area. Right below Salto Del Limón, just a few feet away, is another pretty waterfall. You can go pass there independently from the trail you choose. If you arrive at Sendero El Café, you will see this waterfall anyway.

A smaller waterfall below Salto El Limon

There is also the smaller waterfall from a side river which I mentioned above, you pass it when using the Senderos Franklin, Manzana, Arroyo Surdido, La Javilla and Olga. 

Another waterfall on the way to Salto El Limon

 If you’d like to explore the region further, take yourself a local guide and a GPS and continue in the open terrain, as there are many streams, little cascades and unknown waterfalls. I once ventured out a little bit and saw a sneak peek of what’s possible but have to go back one day to deeper explore this region. However, please note that this is only for the adventurous people of you. If you are just on vacation for one week in the Dominican Republic, better stick to the marked trails or the guided excursions.

Summary: what is the best way to visit Salto El Limón Waterfall?

 As always, the answer is “it depends”. 

 If you are staying in Punta Cana and would like to visit Salto El Limón Waterfall just for a day trip, it is impossible to do this on your own. In this case, your best option is the air excursion* as it is considerably smoother and more exclusive plus you can enjoy marvelous views from the sky. However, if this is above your budget you can also go with the land excursion*, just be prepared for a very long (but action-filled) day. You can see the best Punta Cana to Samaná excursions in the text above.

 In case you have some days to spare, I highly recommend a multi-day road trip from Punta Cana, Santo Domingo or any other region in the Dominican Republic to Samaná. You can not only see the waterfall Salto El Limón, but also the other pristine and beautiful spots the peninsula has to offer, among them many virgin beaches. If you need any help crafting an itinerary, let me know via my travel coaching request.

 If you are already in Samaná, you have two options. You can either go with one of the guided tours starting from your accommodation* or you try to organize everything on your own. If you are staying in a resort or a villa and are not fancy to negotiate, to haggle and to prepare your daily itinerary, I would recommend a guided excursion as this is the smoothest way to visit El Limón Waterfall. You can also decide if you want to hike or horseback ride on these tours.

 On the other side, if you are an adventurer, have experience in traveling developing countries independently and are in an at least decent shape to hike the trails, you can explore Salto De Limón on your own. Thanks to the signs and the maps on every trailhead, it is possible to walk this without a guide as long as you hike carefully.

 It doesn’t matter which option you choose, you will have a great experience when visiting Salto El Limón Waterfall as it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Dominican Republic. Make sure you visit as early as possible (before 9 am) or as late as possible (after 3 pm) to have as few other people as possible around you. Take your swimsuits, camera, sufficient water and hiking boots with you and enjoy a marvelous day in the abundant and lush nature of the Samaná peninsula. If you want to put the icing on the cake of an unforgettable Punta Cana vacation you shall decide on the Samaná Explorer from Punta Cana by plane excursion*.

If El Limón Waterfall is too far for you and you prefer closer waterfalls, have a look at all the waterfalls reachable from Punta Cana in under 3 hours.

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If you are looking for other hikes in the Dominican Republic, check out this hiking guide for Punta Cana.

 What do you think about Salto El Limón, would you like to visit? Would you choose the hike or the horses?

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